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I love to watch the moon rise… and the sunset. The creative procees is an expression I can only access randomly, Embracing my intuition, and being a mom are the most profound decisions I have ever made. Yoga grounds me. My music simply saves me. My heart beats a bit faster when I think of frequency, energy and the power of breath. I believe we all have a Soulmate, perhaps more than one. I feel ultimate gratitude when someone shares how a session, or the Aligning method has altered their life. It is vital you and I trust, without it we got nothing, but regret and uncertainty.

The heartfelt thought moves me; when I recall I am completely provided for, and unconditionally loved. I believe we are guided. All things have a purpose, even if we will never know the true meaning. Our decisions must be made with clarity… they brings us here to Live Aligned.


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Inspiration for the month: Transformation | tran(t)sfərˈmāSH(ə)n | - dramatic spontaneous change, metamorphosis, differently expressed or represented.

Crystal: Lapis: Intuition. Total stone of awareness. Activate psychic ability. Healing. Truth.

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Living Aligned

Manuscript started out as a manual, but very soon Kathrine realized in the writing process that most people do not want to be told what to do; they want to be inspired! The stories shared are to enlighten the individual and offer guidance so we may all walk the path to find peace, practice self care and discover our authentic self.

We are unconditional Love; a blissful state that resembles an earthbound love we hope to find one day

Living Aligned — Kathrine Mitchell