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Crystal of the Month

Chrysocolla with a touch of Malachite

Inspiration of the Month

Essential |iˈsenCHəl|
foundation - vital - breath


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Please call for upcoming schedule of events.


Tips for having an empowering reading:

1. Arrive open and clear

2. Remove any wants and desires

3. Remain calm and release anxiety

4. Limit use of perfume or cologne before session

Awaken the Spirit

In this powerful session, Kathrine, will connect to a spiritual realm to communicate the loving and healing messages of family and friends from the other side. The session will allow all information to be shared and allow open dialogue with spirit to client if possible.


additional fee applies for more than one client

Touching the Soul Reading

In the Touching the Soul Reading, I connect directly to the source that lies within you. We call this the essence, the spirit, the soul. As basic or as intense as your life may be, this will help you discover your truth. For you to be at this point, to reach out for this kind of experience is your soul calling out to you.
In this reading, the water is the divine energy, the paint is the soul's expression. and the canvas represents you. Divine energy is linked to the soul, the soul sends vibration to the heart, the heart then enterprets the feeling which unfolds on to the canvas. In this session, I will use my ability as a psychic medium as well as water colors to interpret your soul's portrait.


An introduction to Touching the soul.

A 30 minute session.


Crystal Reading

First level
This reading will cover the basics of life. We will tap into your emotional, mental, physical aspects. The session will cover two years plus and in this session we will discuss in detail, family, relationships, career and health.


Second level - Session of No Boundaries
This reading will tap into your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. The session will cover 5 years plus and in this session we will discuss in detail your core, destiny, & purpose on this earth plane as well as other people's mind-set, their intention, and purpose in your life. Past lives, spirit guides, angels may come through. We will cover all transitions, spiritual growth & personal empowerment.


Relationship Reading

In this session we will cover in depth your emotional well being as well as the intention of your partner or potential partners. How you may empower your relationships and heal them as well as your self. All romantic, love, and soulmate connections.


Phone readings

Crystal readings $150 & $200 dollars
Relationship reading $150
Touching the soul $250 dollars

Please E-mail or phone us and we will get back to you with all of the details. We will need your Birth date, a picture or a sample of your hand writing. By appointment only.

Group rates & parties

We offer readings and Awaken the Spirit gathering outside of the office through out the metro area for small or large groups and parties. Hourly rate, please call for more information.


Readings offered by appointment only.


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